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The JW Method was created with one goal in mind — to help ambitious, high performing women unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling. Founded by Jacqueline Relke, a Corporate Sales Executive that soared up the Corporate Ladder by the age of 24, it is a BOLD strategy designed for BOLD women.

We help women shatter the glass ceiling.

what we do

The strength of the ambitious women resides in her sophisticated edge created by her confidence, clarity and execution.

Through The JW Method's Proprietary 5 Pillar Framework, we transform high performing women to trade burnout for balance and stagnation for success. By balancing wellness and success, Jac will show you how powerful a confident women, a strong foundation and clear strategy can be.

The Founder and CEO of The JW Method and JW Consulting Inc., Jac is a Corporate Sales Executive that soared up the Corporate Ladder by the age of 24. In her time on the trading floor and in industry she managed cumulatively over $700,000,000. Now, she is now your in-house Chief Success Officer as a Success Coach and Sales Consultant. She creates unstoppable forces in the world through confidence, clarity and execution.

Jacqueline Relke

Your in-house Chief Success Officer. Founder of The JW Method, Success Coach, SalesConsultant, Wine Lover, Fitness Advocate. Determined to help you unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling.

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Balance is Powerful.

we believe

Whether it is a bold red or a perfectly balanced old fashioned, we believe balance is powerful. Strength of the ambitious woman resides in the sophisticated edge created by confidence, clarity and execution.

In Simplistic Strategy.

we believe

Power comes from simplicity. The Ambitious Woman who focuses on Strategic Simplicity claims her power as an unstoppable force in the world.

what we value


We believe Ambitious Women deserve to feel supported to find balance between their career, health, happiness, and loved ones — without judgement. That Ambitious Women in high pressure environments deserve to feel empowered to confidently assert their boundaries and self worth. 


We believe Ambitious Women deserve to feel confident and powerful in their own skin. That Ambitious Women deserve to prioritize wellness, self-care and fitness in order to feel powerful and confident while shattering the glass ceiling. 


We believe Ambitious Women deserve to have mind-blowing career success while feeling balanced, confident and powerful. That the Modern Ambitious Women creates success in a different way than traditional standards, needing modern support to shatter the glass ceiling.

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