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Success Consultant for High Performing Women

Meet your Chief Success Officer

Are you ready to become an unstoppable force in the world?

At JW Consulting Inc. our mission is to help ambitious, high performing women unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling. Through re-defining the definition of success for The Modern Woman – and not only what it can be, but how it can look, how it can feel, and what it can do for your career – The JW Method strives to put more money in the hands of women.

Serving The Ambitious woman since 2019

NOW ENROLLING FOR twenty twenty one.

The JW Method is perfect for you if you want to:


Achieve the astronomically high goals you set for yourself, in ¼ of the time.

Clarify your vision, purpose and deeper meaning to create happiness and fulfillment in your life + business.

Boost your self confidence and worth to shout your value from the roof tops, popping champagne while the compliments (and clients) roll in.

Better serve your clients and create purpose driven change so you can hit your ambitious career + revenue goals.

Scale your business + career quickly, by focusing on foundational strength and intentional strategy.

Sell yourself or your offers with ease, based on proven sales tactics and strategy that create out-of-this-world-insane YoY growth.

If this is you — and you just need help with the how — we’re a perfect fit.

The Founder and CEO of The JW Method and JW Consulting Inc., Jac is a Corporate Sales Executive that soared up the Corporate Ladder by the age of 24. She creates unstoppable forces in the world through confidence, clarity and execution.

Jacqueline Relke

Your Chief Success Officer. Founder of The JW Method, Success Consultant, Wine Lover, Fitness Advocate. Passionate about seeing you shatter the glass ceiling.


As your new Chief Success Officer, I am committed to help you:

Solidify your vision and mission through purpose driven action and intention.

Trade burnout for balance and stagnation for success, through The JW Method Proprietary 5 Pillar Program.

Create sales + revenue growth strategies that will have you soaring to 7 figures by focusing on people first (client), and profit second (income).

Share all of our proven systems and resources so you can send your business and career soaring, without having to re-invent the wheel! 

Share the findings of The JW Method's 500+ Ambitious Women who created The JW Method 5 Pillars of Wellness and Success: Work-Life Balance, Career + Business Success, Self-Worth + Confidence, Personal Branding, Health + Wellness.

I will teach you everything that has scaled my business to 6 figures and got me soaring up the corporate ladder! Not only my exact proven confidence and techniques, but also the strategy behind it to give you an insane ROI , as well as the longevity career and business sustainability of your dreams!

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“We accomplished more in an hour than I’ve been able to do in weeks with others. Jac is so authentic in her approach & cuts through the fluff to get to know your business & give you actionable steps."

“Jac gave me the understanding and confidence to use the tools already in my arsenal to get my career back to the trajectory I had always wanted for myself.”

“I wanted to tell you how much of a LIFE SAVER Jac is. I literally had the best day after implementing my new schedule. I felt so empowered and no longer felt as if my day controlled me.”

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