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The JW Method was designed exclusively for The Modern Woman, with one goal in mind — to help you unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling. We have powerfully re-defined success for The Modern Ambitious Woman, making sales sexy, confidence your best asset, sending your revenue soaring. We put more money in the hands of women (without the burnout), so you can live a life that’s worthy of champagne toasts on the regular. For the visionaries, the trailblazers, the shatter-the-glass-ceiling innovators — We are on a mission to make you a Million Dollar Woman.



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Jacqueline Relke is the Founder and CEO of The JW Method, JW Consulting Inc., and M$Workspace™. A Chief Success Officer to The Modern Ambitious Woman, she helps women unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling. Jacqueline is an ex-corporate sales executive that soared up the corporate ladder by the age of 24 years old, cumulatively managing over $700,000,000 combined in her career in Capital Markets on the Trading Floor and in Private Sector. Now running her own Multi-6-Figure Advisory + Consulting Agency, Jac is on a mission to make you a Million Dollar Woman.



Group Mentorship for The Ambitious Woman ready to shatter the glass ceiling, seeking high-level support from an industry disrupting leader. Ready for their next breakthrough, The Champagne Collective is where your vibe, voice and vision combines “shattering the glass ceiling” with “champagne is always a good idea” by focusing on confidence, clarity and execution.

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A Strategic Advisory Model for The Ambitious Woman + Entrepreneur seeking an in-house Chief Success Officer to help you unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling and become a trailblazer in your field. As your CSO and trusted advisor, Jac strives to send your revenue soaring, make confidence your best asset, and make you a million dollar woman (without the burnout).

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For The Ambitious Woman + Entrepreneur seeking highly customized C-Level Executive Consulting. This integrative combination of DFY consulting and advisory is where you get Jac as an in-house Chief Success Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Strategic Partner. This was designed exclusively for those seeking to accelerate their growth trajectory, scale their agency + team, and boost their profitability — leveraging The JW Method Proprietary SUCCESS Framework.

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M$Workspace is the first space designed exclusively for The Modern Ambitious Woman. M$Workspace is where high-end luxury support is delivered over a glass of Champagne. It is a safe space for The Modern Ambitious Woman, where no dream is too unapologetically big. Our mission is to bring powerful, ambitious women together to unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling, shake up bureaucracy, skyrocket their success, get the equality we deserve, and most importantly — to become a Million Dollar Woman, together.

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lauren johnston, private advisory

Working with Jac has been incredible! Jac is the perfect balance of support, inspiration and accountability. Just being in her energy will change your world and completely elevate the way you see business and what you believe is possible for yourself. She went over and above to support me and made me feel more than just another number. She delivers an amazing client experience and will roll up her sleeves and get to work with you. In 90 minutes, Jac helped me overcome blocks I’ve been working through for over a year! I have so much clarity and certainty on my mission, messaging and how to deliver this in an effective and authentic way. Get ready for some serious up-levelling!

madison terry, private advisory

Grateful is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about Jac in my life! Jac has gone absolutely above and beyond in making everything not only crystal clear, but the way she explains/teaches things makes me immediately be able to implement, execute and be EXCITED about it. I always feel so motivated, capable and supported. My business has completely up-levelled with her help in a matter of weeks, and we’re on track to make my 5 years goals fully achieved in just 1, which that, in and of itself, is priceless. With her help, I know I can truly shatter that glass ceiling (and this is only the beginning). Not only just in business, but in the amazing friendship we've built in such a short time. I can't wait to see what the future holds, and I'm confident it'll be bright with her in my corner.

Zara Watson, private advisory

Working with Jac has been a dream. I came to Jac seeking support with revenue and sales projection planning. Jac was so supportive and so vested in helping me understand my numbers and in helping me realize the possibility of achieving my goals. Jac is a true expert at what she does and truly cares. I have always felt supported by Jac and truly appreciated how she followed up and went above and beyond while working with her. I now know my numbers and have several spreadsheets to help me stay on track and organized. I know what I have to do to achieve my goal of $250k! Jac provides so much more value than what you're paying for. She's someone you want in your corner.

Hannah Langdon, private advisory

It’s been such a pleasure working with Jac at The JW Method Private Coaching Program! Even after a short period of time I gained so much confidence, direction, and such a positive mindset, all of which I lost due to burnout in Corporate. Jac is a star and is always there to offer guidance and support, whatever the situation, so if you are looking to upgrade your life whilst gaining a true friend throughout the journey, I couldn’t recommend Jac and The JW Method enough!


 When I joined The Champagne Collective, I wanted to gain confidence and to stop obsessing over money. I am much more confident, I have transformed my business, and I no longer make my decisions based on their monetary value. Jac has now become a sister. She is always there for me, full of wisdom and love. I could not have found a better coach and friend. I also loved the amazing women I met and call friends for life!! Jac is amazing not only for professional transformation but also for personal. You will grow to become someone much better than you could have imagined. You will learn to no longer limit yourself.


 Working with Jac has been life changing, as an understatement. Rarely have I felt this amount of support from a mentor, Jac truly wants to see me succeed. I instantly could tell how passionate she is about supporting women and sharing her extensive knowledge to help me reach my goals (which are now even higher thanks to her). When I found Jac, I wanted to make big changes in my business and start making money so that I could keep my business full time and not have to find a second job. Since joining The Champagne Collective, I have been given so many tools to escalate my business (booking my first corporate client). I rave about Jac to many in hopes it inspires them to reach out - Hiring her is the best decision you can make for your business.


 Working with Jac has been incredible. Jac has shown intentional care and concern for my career progress and has helped me a lot with being more confident to speak up for myself. Jac always pushed me to take chances in what I want, learn to be more confident and stand up for myself when I know something is wrong. When I joined The Champagne Collective, I wanted to gain more career clarity, gain more confidence within myself, and be more comfortable in my career path - All of which I learned while being patient, accepting of myself and more confident. I loved having an experience with a coach who has been in the same position as me and is understanding of my feelings, while meeting all the girls and making new friendships around the world!!!


 I invested in Jac as she embodies everything I wished to be surrounding money and success with it—confident, knowledgeable and self mastering. Before I purchased The Financial Blueprint of The M$W, my finances were a mess. I was making money, but it was all feeling a little chaotic and there was major avoidant-style of self sabotage. The bundle has motivated me to take greater action on financial tasks that I’d not noticed were creating problems in my life. I'm now super excited to get to the point where I can see the figure of my Net Worth rise, to be able to recognize the patterns in my sales, and to have complete knowledge of my profit and loss and where every single dollar is coming from and going to. Now I have peace of mind, and a feeling of clarity in my financial life.

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