The strength of ambitious women resides in her sophisticated edge created by her strategic balance of confidence, clarity and execution.


We believe that bold strategies breed bold success. 

The JW Method's Proprietary 5 Pillar Framework focuses on balancing the Wellness and Success of the Ambitious Woman. The 5 Pillar Program is designed to transform high performing women to trade burnout for balance and stagnation for success, by focusing on: Work-Life Balance, Career & Business Success, Self Worth & Confidence, Health & Fitness, and Mental Wellness & Stress Management.

Our Approach

Why we do it

We believe ambitious women deserve to have powerful career success, while confidently asserting their boundaries and self worth. That being successful comes from feeling balanced, confident and powerful.

— Jacqueline Relke

We care about your success, 
and your well-being. 
We'll take care of both.

Our process

1:1 Success Coaching for The Ambitious Woman.

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Corporate Consulting

A Group Mastermind for the Ambitious Woman.

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The Champagne Collective

Private Coaching

Millennial Consulting for The Modern Corporation.

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Our Services

The most common question we get is "How does this work?" followed by "Can I do it myself?" and "Why do I need to Invest in a Coach?" Here are the top three ways we can answer your questions.

- Bekah

“We accomplished more in an hour than I’ve been able to do in weeks with other coaches. Jac is so authentic in her approach & cuts through the fluff to get to know your business & give you actionable steps for your target market, ideal client and business offers. I would highly recommend working with her!"

Authentic and Cuts Through the Fluff

kind words

- Brooke

"Jac gave me the understanding and confidence to use the tools already in my arsenal to get my career back to the trajectory I had always wanted for myself. I will absolutely continue to work with Jac and would recommend it to any woman who is struggling to find her was in the world!"

Confidence to get Career Back on Track

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- Eve

"I really appreciate that you actually listened and gave me personalized feedback, with no fluff! I love that our time was jam-packed with value. I found it helpful to see my schedule laid out, with how to make & move segments. Your time blocking, boundaries and energy maintenance tips are really great. 

Jam-Packed Value with No Fluff

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