How to Transition from Corporate Life to WFH

May 7, 2020

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I Transitioned from Capital Markets Corporate Life to WFH for a Private Corporation. Here are a few of the tips and tricks I learned to absolutely rock that WFH Life!

1. Create a Dedicated Work Environment

Having a clean and dedicated place to work is SO critical for your WFH success. For me it is my kitchen table — I set it nightly to ensure I wake up RTG! Computer, charger, candle, coffee mug (duh), water, AirPods, my weekly planner and my daily to-do list.

2. Wake up, Get Up, Dress Up & Show Up

This one is huge. Yes working from your PJ’s sounds like a dream (and some days is so necessary), however making yourself feel human is ESSENTIAL to keep a regular work routine. Look good, feel good, do good — Am I right?

3. Every Morning Create a To-Do List

Lets be real — If you don’t do this already weekly/daily, we need to talk. But in all seriousness, it is SO critical to set your daily priorities and to-do lists when you WFH. Distractions, lack of supervision and comfort can be one hell of a productivity killer.

4. Maintain Regular Hours & Usual Office Routine

Do you take a walk for coffee between 10-11? Do it. Do you schedule an hour for lunch? Do it. Regular social breaks? Do it. Drink 3L of water? Do it. Work from 8-5? Do it. Workout before work? Do it. Workout after work? Do it.

You get the idea. Keep as much as you can the same!

5. Stay Connected

It is SO easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed or disconnected when you WFH. Be sure to engage in usual conversations with co-workers as if you were in office! Text, Skype, Group Chats — Keeping everyone in the loop is an amazing way to boost at home morale and productivity.

And hey, if all of this seems so daunting or isn’t working – Download Jac’s WFH guide for $11.99 or book at 60 minute intensive session so she can help you out!

With Love, Jac 💛✨

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