Prioritizing your Schedule when Everything is “Important”

May 12, 2020

Filed in: Corporate Life

Writing your To-Do list and everything is flagged as “high priority”? I get it, sometimes your list looks more like an urgent blood bath instead of organized chaos. I am here to help you prioritize, divide out your to-do list, and set boundaries for a more balanced work day.

Below is the proven strategies that Jac uses to optimize her time, allowing her to glide up the Corporate Ladder with Ease.

1. Write out Everything you Need/Want to Get Done this Week

2. Separate them into 2 Categories — Work & Personal

3. Now Separate Work & Personal into 2 Categories — High Priority or Other

3. Of your High Priority Items Choose 3 to Focus on

**NEWS FLASH — You should never have more than 3 high priority items, or else they are not high priority.

4. Can you Delegate Any of your High Priority or Other?

5. Of your Remaining Items Sort Them by “Need to Get Done Today” “Defer to Tomorrow” or “Defer to Next Week”

And if this all seems far too daunting for you — Book a FREE 30 Minute Consult with Jac so she can show you how she can help:

With Love,

Jac 💛✨

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