7 Productivity Hacks when you WFH

May 25, 2020

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Working from Home can be a productivity killer. Jac has composed 7 hacks to make your work from home days as productive as your work in office days!

1. Get Dressed & Ready in the AM

Yes, working from your PJs sounds like the dream but let me be the first to tell you if you feel lazy you will not be productive. Even if this means changing into Lululemons, a sports bra and a cropped tee (me right now), it makes the world of a difference. Dress up to Show up!

2. Stay out of Bed

Again, working from bed sounds like the dream … But did you ever really think you would be productive? Negative. Set up a designated working space and show up to it every morning as if you were commuting into the office (with a coffee in hand).

3. Keep your Normal Work Routine & Set Schedule

Wake up at 6:30 – Get Ready and Make Coffee by 7 – Out the door by 7:15? Keep that the same! Same goes for your work day… Email batch in the AM? Coffee walk at 10:30? Lunch at 1? Conference call block in the afternoon? Keep it the same! I can not tell you how critical this is guys.

4. Set a To-Do List Every Monday & Every Morning

If you know me you know I always have a running list going. I re-set it every Monday Morning (its ritual) & code it based on importance. I also set mini To-Do lists every single morning. Think of it as email batching for your To-Do list. Prioritize your day and make it manageable, and it will feel SO good to cross everything off your list at the end of the day👏🏻

5. Work Block your Calendar

My calendar is always work blocked — weekdays, weekends, when I was unemployed, self employed, or corporate. I put everything in my calendar … Work Block, Email Batch, Workout, Walk, Coffee Dates, Phone Calls, Dinners, Lunches. If you want to stay on track and productive, keep yourself accountable!

6. Schedule your Coffee Walks Virtually

Keeping in touch with bosses and colleagues is so important, especially in WFH. If you would go for regular coffee walks/touch bases keep those penciled in to your calendar. 1) It will make your boss feel connected to you, 2) It adds normalcy into your routine, 3) You have to stay in touch with your Corporate BFFs.

7. Avoid your Phone During “Work Block” Hours

In my 8-10am Work Block I barely touch my phone (unless it is urgent). I am my most productive in the AM (aka writing this blog post in that time), so I try to minimize all distractions during my most productive times. Set your own boundaries for yourself — and thank me later.

With Love,

Jac 💛✨

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