Corporate Pressure: Always “on”

If you’re working in Corporate Life you know the pressure to be always “on”. On your phone/email on week nights, weekends, holidays, dinners, out with friends. Here are a few tips that I found helped me turn “off”.

If you’re working in Corporate Life you know the pressure to be always “on”. On your phone/email on weeknights, weekends, and holidays. Always “on” for client dinners and corporate events. I get it, its exhausting and demanding. I’ve been there, lived that. I am here to challenge you to find a moment of balance amongst the madness and share some tips that helped me during my time in Corporate.

1. Do the 2 Phone Jac – Do not BYOD

Most offices give you the option to either rock 2 phones or BYOD (bring your own device). I tried both at the bank, and I can tell you I only truly started finding Work-Life Balance when I had 2 separate phones. 2 Phone Jac — iPhone in one hand and Blackberry in the other.

I can not tell you the importance of keeping work with work, and personal with personal. When you combine the two you get work emails when you’re out for dinner, on the dock at the cottage, out with friends, on walks, working out… Where is the balance in that? Keep👏🏻It👏🏻Separate!!!!

2. Set Boundaries with Bosses/Colleagues

Boundaries are EVERYTHING. Learn how to master them and you will live a life of bliss and happiness. I can sit here and honestly say you will be respected WAY more if you set these boundaries confidently and take care of yourself.

When I worked on the floor, my bosses and colleagues knew that I when I left the office at 5:30/6 to workout (no phone on me), that I would be live again when I was finished. I showed up every time at 7pm and built there trust. I never gave them a reason to doubt me — And I NEVER got questioned.

The same goes for vacation — You need to set the expectation if this is a working vacation or a I will “check texts for urgent SOS situations only” vacation. Setting these boundaries will result in no disappointment or anger on either side.

Don’t be a people pleaser always. Put yourself first.

3. Know When to Leave Work @ Work

2.0 to the above — Boundaries are so important! Learn when something needs to be done ASAP or if it can wait until Monday Morning. In order to have real work-life balance you need to learn when you should leave work @ work, and when to bring it home. No one likes Working Wendy tapping away on her BlackBerry during drinks or at a friends on a Saturday Afternoon.

*Newsflash: The world is not going to burn down in your absence

4. Take Breaks

There is a reason why I always took my 3 weeks of vacation and the odd Friday to go up to Muskoka. Taking Breaks is SO important so you can show up and operate as your highest self.

Find your Balance, your Breaks, your Moments of Sanity, and do it daily/weekly/monthly:⁣

☕️ Your “Sunday Morning Coffee in Bed”⁣
🍷Your Wednesday glass of wine(HI me RN)⁣
💆🏽‍♀️Your monthly massage⁣
🌿Your Walk outside⁣
🧘🏽‍♀️Your daily Workouts⁣
🌅A weekend getaway⁣

Breaks are the pinnacle to your success.

Find your balance, your breaks, your moments of sanity — and do it daily/weekly/monthly. It makes always “on” feel effortless. It makes climbing the corporate ladder seem easy.

With Love,