3 Steps to Crafting a Confident and Powerful Intro Pitch⁣

April 23, 2021

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Listen up, babe…

Coming from my role as Director of Sales, know that I am no stranger to crafting the perfect elevator pitch.⁣

But from what I’ve been seeing in the last couple of months as I spend more time on clubhouse, I don’t think liiiiiiiiiittle introduction/elevator pitch refresher (yes, I am looking at you… out of love).⁣

Any great elevator pitch has 3 parts: ⁣

1) Your Intro⁣

2) Your Value Add/Differentiator/Transformation/Mission⁣

3) Your Qualifier ⁣

(and your mic drop…)⁣

Let me break down each part for you!


Your Intro

This is where you break down the basics. This is your “I am” statement. Here is where you’ll add:

Your name. 

Your business. 

Your title.

Basically all of the things that you don’t have to think too hard about! Simple enough, right?

Your Value Add/Differentiator/Transformation/Mission⁣

This should be the most impactful statement in your pitch. 

I call this part your “magnetic money making phrases”, and you should have 3-5 of them you use interchangeably in your business.⁣

Here is where you talk about who you help and what you help them accomplish! Be as specific yet concise as possible. Nobody has time to hear you ramble about all of the things you do.

Just one simple statement that’s jam-packed with valuable information! (don’t worry, I’ll give my example at the end).

⁣Your Qualifier

What makes YOU so qualified to do this?

Don’t be afraid to brag on yourself. After sharing who you are and what you do, naturally, people are going to wonder why you’re qualified to do this work.

So truly reflect on why you’re qualified to do what you do.

If you’re a fitness coach… Do you have a degree in nutrition or exercise science? Were you a personal trainer before this? How many people have you coached throughout the years? 

If you’re a business coach… Have you scaled your business to new heights? Did you use to work in sales? How much money have you helped your clients accumulate?

You get the point. 

Oh and don’t forget to drop the mic after this part. You have to drop the mic.

My Pitch

Okay, babe! Here is the example you’ve been waiting for. 

Here is the elevator pitch that I use whenever I’m trying to leave a long-lasting impression:

“Hi I am Jacqueline Relke, Founder of The JW Method and Chief Success Officer to The Modern Ambitious Woman. I help ambitious women unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling, so that they can trade burnout for balance and stagnation for success. I am an ex-corporate sales executive that soared up the corporate ladder by the age of 24, cumulatively managing over $700,000,000 in 4 short years. I say that confidently, not arrogantly, as I worked my a** off to get there.”⁣

Short. Sweet. And to the point.

Next time you find yourself reworking your pitch, try using this template:


A perfect intro pitch is succinct, powerful, awe-inspiring, and most importantly CONFIDENT. ⁣

Now go forth and network like the million-dollar woman you are!

With Love,

Jac 💛

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