My Go-To 5 Part Audit for Work-Life Balance ⁣

June 17, 2020

I have said it before, and I will say it again… Work ≠ Worth, and Burnout ≠ Cute. ⁣ Since when did we let society hardwire use to believe that “I am SoOOooOoOoo busy” is a badge of honour? I am going to DEBUNK that myth right here right now for you.

🔥👉🏼 Your true value is measured by the energy and results you produce, and too often we do that from a place of burnout to prove our worth.⁣

🤯 I know, right.

I’m going to say this right now: ⁣ If you’re not living your dream life with unreal Work-Life Balance, we need to chat! ⚡️

This pic is me on my 4th week of Vacation in a Corporate Job that only gave me 3… I took 5.5 weeks total that year because …

I #LearnedHowToPlayTheCorporateGame.

I am here to tell you that this IS possible for you too, however it takes a ton of mindset work, culture analysis and SMART work.

Here is my Go-To 5 Part Audit to reduce burnout and live a balanced, happy and successful life:⁣⁣

1️⃣ Learn how to Walk Away & Say NO⁣ ⁣

I always preach that you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are burnt out, drained, exhausted, how are you supposed to operate at a high frequency? Instead, learn how to walk away from situations or conversations that are 1) Unproductive, 2) Draining, or 3) Provide no Value to you. Secondly, learn how to say NO. NO = The Single Most Empowering Word I have ever learned.

*Invitations have a decline button for a reason.

2️⃣ Audit how many hours you work (per week)⁣

This includes how many hours you sit on the couch, at the dinner table, in bed on your email on your phone. These are CRUCIAL hours that add to burnout, but typically go “un-noted” as they are in a place of comfort.

3️⃣ Audit those against how many PRODUCTIVE hours you work (per week) ⁣ ⁣

It is super important to note that I said PRODUCTIVE hours. Productive Work-Blocks and Un-Productive Work-Blocks look very different.

For Example, my average client productivity zone is 1-2 hour Work Blocks, 2-3x a day. This means my typical client only seems 3-6hours of PRODUCTIVE work in a single work day. So why do we work 8-14 hour days?

4️⃣ Audit your daily tasks & apply: Automate, Delegate, Delete⁣ ⁣

Those who don’t automate, delegate or delete small or repetitive tasks are those who will never find true balance. Delegation is the Queen of work-life balance. Automation is the King of work-life Balance. And Deleting? Well heck, you do the math …..

5️⃣ Set Boundaries & Take your Vacations⁣ ⁣

For any one of my clients reading this you know I am C-R-A-Z-Y about setting boundaries for success and work-life balance. Boundaries are your best friend. Same goes for VACATION TIME … Since when did it become okay to WORK EVERY WAKING HOUR of your vacation. Your brain needs to relax and reset, or else you will live in a constant state of burnout.

💡 Make sense?

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